A Shout Out to the First Super Heroes

A Shout Out to the First Super Heroes - Kenny, Karen, Jessi, Sam and Alli - The Bravest Kids in the Universe! Remember, It's All About the Love!

How the Super Heroes Club Bullying Prevention Program Works

Becoming A Super Hero Isn't Easy

Just like everyone, you will have days when your Super Hero powers fail you. Tomorrow offers you a chance to try again. After all, you are a Super Hero! Here is a quick list that will help regain your POWER!

Ask questions when you don't understand
Did you know that one of the w
ays someone knows you are really smart is by how many questions you ask? You can ask so many questions that you will drive your parents and teachers crazy! That is an amazing POWER! You are a young Super Hero. No one expects you to have all the answers or to know everything. If one person can't help you, ask someone else.

Make your words count
If you tell the truth, even when it will work against you, people
will trust you. It is important to remember that your words can hurt others who haven't become Super Heroes. Close your eyes and think of a word that makes you feel really great! I think I saw you smile! Your words have tremendous POWER! Now, go out and tell someone how you feel about them.

Super Heroes Power Club Items

Super Heroes Power Club Items